If you're not adding value, get out of the way!

As a high-functioning workaholic focused on maximizing value-add to the world, I know the value I bring vastly out-weighs the prices I charge. I am net value-add.

That means I am carrying and contributing more than I am taking, I am helping to carry the weights and loads of others. And I don't mind doing so.

But what I do mind is when, in the process of forging new value-add in the world, I run into delusional people and deceptive individuals. It's hard to categorize who is worse. The lack of effort to educate yourself on the consequences of your own actions is, I consider to be, a high-crime until itself. At least the deceptive individual has the burden of his conscious to contend with. The careless idiot causes damage and stands in the way all-the-while blissfully unaware of his true effect.

But in both cases, the delusional and the deceptive, subtract more value from the world than just their take. They actively destroy value. They destroy trust. They destroy assets. They upset markets.

Every person overpromising results based on ignorance or mal-intent is causing harm. Wasting their time doing the useless value-destroying actions as well as my time, having to make up for their value-subtractions with further value-add just to reset our economy back to square one.

Stop it.

If you cannot add-value, just do nothing. Until you can.

Go register for social programs that I fund with tax dollars, apply to school, or hell -- apply to work directly for us. I can turn any motivated idiot or previous offender into a value-add machine.

Here's the best part.

Once you change to the light-side, the value-add side, your work begins to compound. Everything you learn compounds. There is no cap on your upside.

Even the greatest "failing upward" stories have a cap. Someone can only incompetent their way so high. But no one is able to incompetent their way into founding an Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or Google.

And even the greatest drug-lord, mafioso, or corrupt dictator have a cap on earnings and generally, more often than not, a cap on freedom or lifespan. Even Putin's rumoured $200B net worth is mostly useless in the face of sanctions and freezes, the world grows ever-smaller for tainted assets of corrupt means. That's not to mention the unofficial tax of cleaning their proceeds, money laundering is a massive overhead that doesn't add any value to their respective income producing end-products (drugs, fear, or GDP).

As more and more decriminalizations come in, further developments in security and tech roll-out, the shift away from naturalistic monopolies of natural resources as energy independence rises -- the value-add producers will continue to squeeze and force the value-subtractors into a narrower and narrower segment of the overall economy, further and further into obscurity.

That doesn't even get into the distribution of wealth in the average underground operation when compared to the general economy in technology. If you find yourself a position in a value-add company and continue to invest in yourself, you can climb the distribution grid of personal wealth without the need to step on anyone else.

What a time to be alive. We are in the age of value-add, so stop playing a losing game.

Learn to value-add and un-cap your upside.

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